Guitar Lessons with

Ben Mauro

Ben Mauro has taught guitar students from all over the world, from beginner to intermediate levels, for the past 30 years. 

He is also a proud volunteer for the Guitar4Vets program, where he serves our nation's Veterans. 

Instruction Methods: His unique style of teaching incorporates traditional academic structure, combined with the techniques he has learned over the years while playing with iconic artists.

Beginner Students: As a teacher, he is very good at explaining difficult concepts, and he offers a variety of simplified materials for the beginner students.

Intermediate Students: For the intermediate students, he quickly teaches them how to play the specific songs they want to learn to play, and he provides them with advanced instruction to help them reach the next level in their guitar-playing skills.

Advanced Students: For the advanced student, he offers specialized instruction with master techniques, such as how to play the solos to legendary songs.

Professional Musicians: For the professional/experienced, working musician, he offers consultations filled with professional advice and guidance on how to reach the next level in their music careers. 

He is currently accepting new students for virtual lessons via Zoom, with various discounted rates based on frequency.

Whether you are looking for instruction to play guitar as a hobby, or you are aspiring to be in a band, or you want to become a professional guitarist, you can benefit from Ben Mauro's instructions. To sign up for classes or for additional information please reach out via or call 725-265-2777 or simply click: Sign up for lessons


- Single virtual lessons: $75 per 45-minute session

- Lesson package of 5 virtual sessions: $67.50 per 45-minute session (10% savings; must be pre-paid at the time of scheduling)

- Lesson package of 10 virtual sessions: $63.75 per 45-minute session (15% savings; must be prepaid at the time of scheduling)

- Discounted rates with Military ID and to seniors 65 and over.

(Please see student agreement document for additional details).